The Tennessee Education Snapshot is a data tool intended to be a comprehensive collection of facts and comparisons on the state of education in Tennessee public schools.

Below you’ll see where our education system stands and how it has changed over the last decade. It highlights gains—as well as continued areas of needed improvement in public education across Tennessee—and it compares our state to national averages in a variety of categories.

The data are interactive and easy to use, and we keep them as up-to-date as possible so you can always stay informed.

We benefit from being in a state that provides clear and transparent data on school, district, and state level performance in education. Please use this data to draw analyses about where our system is functioning and areas where we can see improvement. Let this tool be an opportunity to engage in conversation around the current state of education. In that vein, please share these data widely with friends, colleagues, and our broader Tennessee community.

Where components of our system are functioning and yielding strong student results, we should learn and share about those successes. Yet, our hope is also that the community uses this tool to think of creative and innovative ideas that will address those areas where we can use improvement.